is an information database containing data on self-published works known as doujinshi. The goal of this project is to catalog, tag, and categorize as many doujinshi as possible. With this community driven data, we are able to provide interesting statistics regarding the doujinshi scene as a whole. Such as average page counts, most common themes, average prices, etc. Along with this, users are able to catalog their physical doujinshi collections to keep track of what they own, as well as follow their favorite artists, or tags, to discover newly released doujinshi.

This site's goals are purely academic, and does not offer the ability to download any of the doujinshi featured here. We only provide information and statistics about the doujinshi.

No Piracy is an informational based site. There is no ability to download the doujinshi featured on this site. We do not support the piracy of doujinshi.

Community is a community driven project. Users help contribute to the information database by uploading, tagging, and categorizing.

Open Source is an open source project, allowing the community to help contribute to the code. The repository is hosted over on Github at doujinshi-info/frontend-nuxt.